Special Ufone call packages, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly, Prepaid & postpay

Ufone call packages if you want information about hourly & daily or weekly packages then you are right place.

I will guide you all Ufone daily call package or weekly with best cheap rate.

Now you can ufone to Ufone call packages with free minutes in all telecoms network .

Ufone call packages daily with this you can get only 24 hour time limt with all network.

If you want good and cheap price call rate then check our latest rate in below picture related all ufone packages details.

ufone call packages u to u free now available in latest  bundle offers with free internet data also.

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Now we are going to give you best and complete information related Ufone call packages for daily or weekly and monthly.

ufon daily call package

Ufone Hourly & daily prepaid call packages

Hourly call packages

Now i am going to share with you ufone call packages hourly and daily Prepaid bundle offers.

I am also share with you complete ufone call packages activation code and latest price for houly call packages.

Ufone call packages

Power Hour ufone call package

  • With this hourly package you will get with price 6 PKR.
  • For activation Power hour Simple Dial *99#.
  • You will get 60- net minutes plus 60 SMS and internet 10 off net.

Ufone super call offer

  • Super call bundle offer you can activate with 3.89 RS hour.
  • For activation dial *45#.
  • Unlimited call to all Ufone numbers in any time.

Uth Student offer

  • You will get this u fone package call with 3 RS.
  • For activation dial *202#.
  • Unlimited you can call Ufone in just 0.75 Hour.

Dabangg Hour ufone call package

  • You can activate this call package with price 3.99 Rs.
  • For activation Dabagg hour simple dial *212#

Ufone Daily Call Packages Prepaid

Now i am share with you Ufone daily call packages with free sms and internet.

Ufone Daily Call Packages Prepaid

Here are 5 type ufone call packages u to u free.

24 Ghanty Offer

In 24 Ghnty offer U fone call you will get in PKR rupess 11.99 including tax.

For activation 24 Ghanty offer simple dial *2424#.

Unlimited On net  minutes you will get after activation ghnaty ufone call offers.

Super Sasta package

With super sasta package you will get Rs 0.85 +tax per 30 second.

For activation super sasta package simple dial *5978#.

Din Bhar offer

For din Bhar offer you will get 7 rupees including tax.

For activation din bhar offer simple dial *445#.

With this package call you can unlimited calls to all ufone,PTCL and Vfone number with 9am-5PM.

Super 5 offer

For super 5 offer you with get 5 RS with tax.

For activation dial *5252# super 5 offer.

Daily Pakistan offer

You will get daily pakistan offer with 15 RS including tax.

For activation dial *888#.

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Latest Ufone Prepaid Weekly Call Packages

Weekly Ufone call packages you will get 2 type offers with cheap rate.

Ufone Prepaid Weekly Call Packages

Power Pack Asli Chapphar Phar offer Ufone call

Chapphar Phar offer weekly you will get RS 80 including tax.

For activation chapphar phar offer simple dial *5050#.

Details about Power pack 100 on net minutes with 100 sms and 1000MBs internet you will get after activation.

Weekly Pakistan offer

You also get with this weekly Pakistan offer 100 Pakistani rupees with tax.

For activation weekly package dial *8888#.

You will get unlimited on net minutes with 100MBs.

Ufone Monthly Call Packages prepaid

Ufone Prepaid Monthly Call Packages with difference rate you will get here.

Ufone Prepaid Monthly Call Packages

Super card Ufone call package

Super card package you will get RS 499.

For activation super card Just load card.

Details about Super card: you will get 1000 net minutes and sms 150 off net with 100 MB.

Super card Plus

With RS 599 super card plus you can get this any time.

For activation simple load Ufone super card plus.

1200 on net mniuts and sms details 200 off net 1200 MB you will get.

PTCL to Ufone

Ptcl to u fone you can call any time any where with RS 150 plus including tax 150.

For activation Ptcl To Ufone call packages simple dial or type *4455#.

Unlimited you can call to all Ufone numbers to PTCL or Vfone with 400 MBs on net minute.

Monthly Pakistan offer 

If you want Ufone monthly Pakistan offers then you are right place Package price 418 including tax.

For activation dial *8888#.

Other Ufone Prepaid Call Packages

Other call package ufone prepaid with complete details list below you can check any package for daily or weekly or monthly.

Daily Ufone Prepaid Call Packages

Zong 4G internet 90GB

Zong 4G 40GB Internet Package

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Super Mini Card Ufone call package

  1. Super Mini card for 115 days time limit with Price RS 299 Incl Tax.
  2. Activation Code Just Load Ufone super Mini Card In own mobile sim.
  3. 500 On net Minutes with 500 sms limit and 75 Off net min & 500 MB.

Super Recharge For 2 Days Validity 

  • With Super Recharge Ufone call package you will get RS 40 incl .Tax.
  • Just you need to load Ufone super recharge For activation package.
  • You can call any Ufone to other network with this Package.

300-On net Minutes with 300 sms and 10 off net  30 MB.

3 pe 3

  1. 3 Pe 3 ufone call cheap package You will get RS. 5 .
  2. For activation simple dial *343#.

Latest Ufone Postpay Call Packages

Latest Ufone Postpay Call Packages

2018 zong net offer

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Zong Ecare Account Sign up

Ufone Talkville call package

Ufone talkville you will get RS.15 .

Activation code sent SUB to 2500.

10000 on net minutes.

Unlimited PTCL bucket 

Package price RS 100.

Activation code for unlimited PTCL bucket sent to SUB to 7500.

8000 mins to any Ufone or PTCL number also including Vfone.

1000 including Off net minutes.

Postpay Super load

Price Postpay super load package RS.999.

Activation code *6699#.

ufone call packages to all networks you will also get latest here. I am sharing with you here all latest Ufone call packages for 1 days or hourly and weekly with monthly.