Zong 4G internet 90GB in RS 1200 for 30 days

Zong 4G internet 90GB -You will get 90GB zong internet data with PKR 1200 for 30 days.I have find a good method for 90GB 4G zong speed with device you can use this easly.

You can get in cheap Zong 4G device price with Monthly or weekly internet packages.Today i have zong 90GB trick for 4G device with good night offers for 30 days.

You can check difference zong 4g device helpline package or login in device and check out live.

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How to get 90GB zong 4g internet packages

Are you using Zong good night or day time internet packages?

Some requirementts for getting 90Gb In 1200 Pkr rupess zong data offer.

90GB zong device


  • Easy Paisa account
  • Zong 4G MBB device
  • Standard zong sim

Standard zong sim means call sim not data before package you must need this sime.


You need two Zong packages-

  1. Good night zong offer (GNO)
  2. Day time offer (DTO)

I hope you know these tow zong packages but you dont know how to use 90Gb data for 30 days.

Zong 90GB tutorial


Insert the sim in you MBB device (standard zong sim) and connect your laptop.Now open browser and type and login device using password.

zong 90GB internet package

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Zong free internet

Zong internet Package Weekly

You need follow this all step dont forget or miss any step.Disconnect Your device in laptop yousing broswer.

Now after disconnect recharge 30 ruppes using easypasa account in own sim zong.After recharge now you will get 15 rupess now active any pacjage good night or day time zong.

I recommend data time offer for 1GB data limit you must disconnect before recharge.

If you want to check how much data using then simple go to Zong E care service.

Now you can enjoy 90GB zong internet packages 4G for daily good night or day night with offers.

Zong 4G internet 90GB in RS 1200 for 30 days


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