How to Make Zong Ecare Account Sign up and Login in to Manage account

Zong Ecare : Today i will guide you about zong ecare user how you can create online free or sign up.Follow step by step for activation e care zong account for login in after sign up in online web browser.

Zong ecare 8080 using this service you can manage all call history miss call data internet GB data and history records with simple zong portal online.

Zong 4G introduced new for only prepaid users customer but after some time zong service e care can be use for both postpaid and prepaid online.

Using zong ecare sign up you can change packages zong plan and also you can change zong internet packages,zong call packages and load zong balance.

e care zong

What is zong Ecare?

Zong e care is service provided by zong sim als all zong realted members who can manage own account using sign up or login in e care online website.

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Zong Ecare 8080 Call History Login And Sign Up To Manage My Account

Step 1:

How to Create Zong E-Care Account ?

1st of all you need to go open this after zong e care portal a pop up appear in laptop screen.You can see example in below image.

zong e care

Now next step ecare zong  type your zong mobile number and also capture word in below picture then fill verification code zong self care.After fill verification next page will be pop up in zong e care in laptop display screen.zong ecare register new account sign up with simple idea.

Zong ecare sign up

Step 2:

After 1st step zong ecare create new account now next step you will add pin code that you will received on mobile via sms then again enter verification word.

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This is 2nd step for account create sign up in ecare zong.

Zong ecare sign up

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Zong ecare login

Step 3:

Zong ecare login

This is 3rd step for zongecare account create online.

Finally here you can view your call history and you can check online mobile balance with zong internet packages active or if you face zong ecare sign up problem  and deactive any time with free zong e care service.

zong ecare i hope you will enjoy this zong online service and also make free  zong ecare sign up or login account any time any place.Zong provide also best e care zong portal for daily use online free zong ecare 2017.