Zong super card offer Daily Weekly and Monthly All in one bundles

Zong Super Card offer for daily or monthly ,weekly for all zong user only.

You can get all zong super card details here with complete weekly  all in one packages.

You can get zong 500 super card or 300,750 ,600 and difference price card are available for load.

Zong provide best on-net or off net free minuts with zong smart card after load this you will get free minuts and unlimited calls with free 4G GB internet speed.

You can check balance “zong super card balance check” for daily or monthly and weekly with simple code.

If you want to wish to check zong super card details then visit near zong any office for more details and packages price for activatiob super card.

Zong off net call packages with free sms only for local pakistani zong all in one monthly bundles.

In zong mini super card you will get for one month package with free on net or off net with this easy card.

Zong Super Card

Zong Super Card Offers (zong daily all in one bundle)

With zong daily super card you will get 40 minutes on net and off net.

Zong daily super card details :-

Zong On net minutes limit = 40 Minutes

Zong off net minutes limit =40 minutes

Data super card daily limit=40 MBs

Bundle Validity =1 Day

SMS = 40 sms

Subscription or activation Fee =Rs.20 Pkr per day (With tax)

How to activate zong daily super card ?

  • Simple Dial 310 with smart phone and then press 2 or SMS ‘Daily20’ to 6464.


How to Deactivate zong daily super card packages?

  • SMS sent to ‘Unsub Daily20’ to 6464.

here is simple method for activation and charges zong all in one package for daily.

You can also zong super load with any zong office or near zong shop for daily call.

Zong Super Card offer

Zong Super Card Weekly (Zong weekly all in one Bundle)

With zong weekly super card you will get 350 on net and off net minutes.

This is best for zong off net call packages with free minutes for one whole week.

Zong weekly super card details :

  • On Net Minutes in weekly zong  = 350
  • Off Netzong Minutes = 35
  • Data limit for weekly = 350 MBs
  • SMS limit for zong super card weekly = 350
  • Super card Validity = one week
  • Subscription charges= Rs. 130/ with (including tax)

Zong Super Card monthly

Activation Method for super card weekly

Dial or type *6464# after this reply with 3 then with 2. Or SMS ‘Weekly130’ to 6464 zong center.

Deactivation Method super card zong weekly

Type *6464#  and after this 3 >2 >2.

Or SMS type any mobile  ‘Unsub Weekly130’ to 6464 and enjoy zong super card offer.

Zong Super Card monthly (zong monthly all in one package)

Zong monthly super card offer Four type monthly base bundles.

1. Zong Monthly 350 Super Card All in one Bundle

350 monthly super card details:

  1. Zong On Net Minutes limit = 700 +tax
  2. super card Monthly Off Net Minutes = 70
  3. Data internet super card for monthly = 700 MBs
  4. SMS limit for super card monthly 350 = 700
  5. Validity zong monthly all in one package  = one month
  6. Subscription charges or fee = Rs. 350


How to Activate zong monthly 350 super card card

  • SMS or dial ‘Monthly350’ to 6464 .

How to Deactive zong super monthly packages

  • SMS or dial inbox ‘Unsub Monthly350’ to 6464.

    2. Zong Monthly 500 Super card Package offer

    500 monthly zong On net Minutes limit = 1500

Off Netzong super card Minutes = 150

Data internet  = 1500 MBs

SMS for zong to zong or any other network  = 1500

Validity bundle for 500 monthly zong super card = One month

Subscription or activation Fee = Rs. 500 with (including tax)

Activation zong 500 card Method = SMS ‘Monthly500’ to 6464

zong super 500Deactivation Method detials  =  SMS ‘Unsub Monthly500’ to 6464.

Zong super card monthly 799

3. Zong super card monthly (Zong Monthly 599 All in One Bundle)

  • 599 all in one packagezong On Net Minutes super card = Unlimited Minutes
  • Off Net Minutes zong super offers = 0 not available
  • Data limit for internet using = 2 GB
  • SMS daily limit= 500/day
  • Bundle Validity = 1 month
  • Charges or Fee = Rs. 599+tax(exclusive of tax)
  • Activation Method for 599 package = Dial *6464# then 3 > 5
  • Deactivation 599 monthly zong super card = Send “Home1” to 6565.

Zong super card monthly 799 (Zong Monthly 799 All in One super card packages)

With zong super card 799 monthly packages you will get unlimited free zong monutes.

(799) On Net Minutes for zong super card  = Unlimited

Off Net zong Minutes = N/A 0

Data internet limit = 4 GB

SMS limit = 500-day

Validity limit for monthly 799 bundle= one month

activation Fee = Rs. 799+Tax (exclusive of tax)

Activation details monthly card super =  Dial *6464# > 3 > 6

Deactivation details= Send “Home2” to 6565.

Here are best list for all zong super card for daily or monhtly and weekly all in one packages.

You can activate any packages and enjoy free unlimted sms internet and call with zong super card offer.

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